>Smoothie Love

>I figured out something that Mason will always consume some of….Smoothies! I can put anything in them; carrots, banana, protein powder, yogurt, you name it. I got the idea to try making him a smoothie when I had tons of cooked carrots I made for him that he wouldn’t touch. I put a bunch of them in the blender with yogurt, banana and some Amazing Grass powder. I think it is something about the straw and drinking from a real glass. It’s different and that makes it interesting to him I suppose. He takes sips from the straw and goes “mmmmmmm”. I’m going to have to experiment with some recipes and see which he likes best. I figure its a great way to get him to eat some vegetables because he won’t eat them straight. We’ll see how long he likes them. His current M.O. is he’ll love it today hate it tomorrow.

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>Yo! Baby!


Yesterday Mason showed us his new trick. M is slow to talk…He can vocalize all the sounds, but doesn’t really say much that has meaning (like he won’t call the dog ” dog” or me “mama”.) The only thing he does is he will look at a light and say “la la la light!” Which ends up sounding more like like “la la la ahhh!” but close enough.

but yesterday….I took out some Yo Baby Yogurt to feed him and I said “yo!” and he proceeded to say “baby.” We did this over and over again. So yes, my son won’t say mama, or daddy but he is happy to say his favorite brand of yogurt. Consumerism at it’s best.

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>Welcome to the blog!

>I’ve started this blog to give working and non-working moms everywhere some ideas on healthy foods that even the pickiest of kids will eat! I am a working mom and wife. I have an 18 month old son, Mason. Mason used to eat up anything and everything we gave him but three months ago he stopped eating anything that isn’t a goldfish. It’s my mission to find products he’ll eat and I feel good about!

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