Back from the dead

and….I’m back.

Between finals, the end of the school year, and fighting illness, it’s been hard to find time, energy and motivation to post. But, I’ve had plenty to write about.

So, to get back into things, here is where we are these days.

-I have to show the food to Mason before he will commit to eating it. If I just place those goldfish in front of him like before? He’ll throw them all on the floor. But, if I show him and ask if he wants some, he’ll either take it and eat it, or swat my hand away.

-He loves pureed butternut squash.

-He seems to want to hold larger pieces and control solid food for himself. However, he prefers pureed food and to have us feed him. I tried giving him a spoon so he could feed himself, and he wouldn’t pick it up. Our Pediatrician claims he will feed himself when he is ready and not to worry, but I keep having visions of his prom date feeding him mashed bananas when he’s 18.

-He will act like he likes something, take two bites and then act like you are trying to kill him when you offer him more.

-The dog has now gained a full pound (which is a lot when you consider he was only 8 lbs to begin with) from eating all the food Mason throws him.  And he’s turning into quite the beggar.

-I made him the worst smoothie ever…I put kale in it, and the kale kept getting stuck in our teeth…it was so gross.  He hated it…I tried to pretend I liked it to save face, but after three sips poured it out. However, I redeemed myself by making the best smoothie  ever the next day. My secret? Frozen banana. It makes the smoothie taste like a milkshake!



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